Sunday Services

“This is the Table, not of the Church, but of the Lord. It is made ready for those who want to know and love God more. So come you who have much faith and you who have little, you who have been here often and you who have not been here long. You who have tried to follow and you who have stumbled along the way. Come, because it is the Lord who invites you. Wherever you may find yourself on the journey of life and faith, you are welcome in this place.”

We welcome you to join us every Sunday morning at 8am and 10am to experience worship in the Cathedral. Our 8am service is from the Book of Common Prayer and is a more quiet, traditional style service. Our 10am service is from the Book of Alternative Services and offers a more contemporary liturgy as well as Sunday school, full choir, and a vibrant coffee hour to follow. Both services offer Holy Eucharist every week. Whichever service you choose, we trust you will find a warm welcome here.