Vicar: The Venerable Richard Leggett

I come to Holy Trinity Cathedral as Vicar from a diverse background in ministry. I have been a member of a diocesan staff, a curate in a large urban parish, the priest in charge of a small-town congregation, the coordinator of youth and adult education for a cathedral, a professor at Vancouver School of Theology and a member of the staff of the Anglican Church of Canada.

I am excited to be Vicar of Holy Trinity Cathedral. We are pioneering a course that will help other congregations face the challenges of Christian ministry and discipleship in the twenty-first century. God has given us an opportunity to do justice, to love mercy and to walk humbly with our God in the centre of New Westminster. Whether our neighbours know it or not, they need us to be leaven in the loaf of this downtown community. And with God’s grace we shall do just that.

In addition to Holy Trinity Cathedral’s media and digital presence, you can visit my blog, my Facebook page or my Twitter feed.

Assistant Curate: The Reverend Tasha Carrothers

Tasha is passionate about gathering community so that together we can learn what it means to live as beloved children of God. In the Diocese of New Westminster, "curate" is the title given to newly ordained priests who are still learning the ropes, and she couldn't ask for a better church in which to develop her skills. In addition to Sunday worship, Tasha provides leadership to growing the community and is helping in children's church.

Deacon: The Reverend Carole Neilson

Carole has been active in both parish and diocesan life for many years. A graduate in Education from UBC, she has used her training in public schools, university, and especially in Christian Education and other programs in the church. Working with people of all ages has enabled her to experience the wonders of ministry in our Lord’s name.

Carole has been a leader in several areas in the diocese: Chair of the Program Committee and Evangelism Unit. She served on the Christian Education and Administration and Finance committees. She was also Chair and President of the Board of Directors at Camp Artaban. Nationally, she served a term on the Anglican Journal Board of Advisors., and attended a Conference for women in Winnipeg.

Carole served as Pastoral Associate at St. Christopher’s for over twenty years. Her ministry included inter-generational programs such as Christian Education, organizing parish events and worship services, Baptism and Confirmation preparation, and organizing youth activities such as The Duke of Edinburgh Award program. At present she is one of the co-ordinators of the Breakfast Club at Holy Trinity Cathedral, and assisting with coaching long-distance and cross-country runners at St. Thomas More Collegiate in Burnaby.

Parish Council

Archbishop's Warden: Carla Jones

People’s Warden: Sybil Collett

Assistant Wardens: Birgit Petersen and Kate Abel 


Fiona Barnard

Joyce Harwood

Greg Kennelly

Betty Macdonald

Don Neilson

Robert S. Rothwell

Shawn Shenfield

Susan Stensgaard

Starr Switzer


Parish Secretary: Marcia Janson

Music Director: George Ryan

Maintenance & Groundskeeper: Neil Seedhouse

Envelope Secretary: Susan Stensgaard