The Reverend Stephanie Shepard

The Rev. Stephanie Shepard became the Rector of Holy Trinity Anglican Cathedral on 1 March 2024.  She is an Anglican priest with deep roots in the Lower Mainland and has served parishes in the Diocese for 24 years.  She resides in North Burnaby with her spouse and her manx cat Abigail-No Tail.  

When not hanging around with the community at Holy Trinity Cathedral, Stephanie quilts, gardens, reads mysteries, and enjoys early music and opera.  She has recently begun learning Japanese and working out in a local gym. 

You can reach her by email: The Rev. Stephanie Shepard

Parish Council

Rector's Warden: Carla Jones

People’s Warden: Sybil Collett

Assistant Warden: Kate Abel 


Fiona Barnard

Joyce Harwood

Greg Kennelly

Betty Macdonald

Dr. Robert S. Rothwell

Shawn Shenfield

Susan Stensgaard

Starr Switzer


Parish Administrator: Paula Porter Leggett

Music Director: Kyumin Jacqueline Lee

Maintenance & Groundskeeper: Neil Seedhouse

Envelope Secretary: Susan Stensgaard