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This project includes 14 secured market rental housing units along with 271 market ownership units. The housing along with the new Parish Hall, ground level plaza, and rooftop amenities will provide opportunities for social connectivity and livability.

Community & Economic Development

This project will deliver a revitalized cathedral and create a new Parish Hall so we can continue to deliver community services. The Parish Hall will provide space for community functions, a sense of belonging for disadvantaged populations, and space and programming for recovery and health programs.

Environment & Climate

This project will meet BC Energy Step Code and utilize best practices for construction. The restoration of the Cathedral also minimizes the use of new materials, reducing the development’s environmental impact. The proximity to transit, car share program, bike share station, bike maintenance room, EV outlets and end of trip facility will also serve to encourage walking, cycling and transit use.

Facilities, Infrastructure & Public Realm

This project provides a safe, accessible public walkway between Carnarvon and Clarkson St., a public elevator to accommodate the sloping site, and a publicly accessible plaza to provide a community gathering space.

Reconciliation, Inclusion & Engagement

This project includes a variety of initiatives toward reconciliation – preservation of language through interpretive signage, opportunity for incorporation of First Nation artwork, and indoor and outdoor space for programming to support Indigenous communities.

Sustainable Transportation

This project is within close proximity to a transit station, includes a car share program, public bike share station, bike maintenance room, end of trip facility and electric car outlets.


Holy Trinity Cathedral is known for its historical and architectural significance and community value. The cathedral is a significant historical resource in the City of New Westminster as its history dates to 1859. The cathedral is also of architectural significance known for its Gothic Revival style, which contributes to the importance of its restoration. Holy Trinity Cathedral also has a long history and tradition of community involvement and service.

Heritage Restoration

The Holy Trinity Cathedral has been structurally assessed and seismic upgrade work and rehabilitation has been proposed to ensure life safety, longevity and stability of the building under earthquake loading. The intent of the heritage rehabilitation is to preserve the character-defining elements and restore missing or deteriorated elements, while also improving the safety and functionality of the building.

The scope of the restoration includes:

  • Designing and installing a steel framed structure in the Cathedral ceiling including a new roof diaphragm.
  • Replacing existing brick buttresses with steel plate structure and associated micro pile foundations.
  • Designing and installing a steel framed truss structure in the bell tower with associated micro foundation system.
  • Connecting new steel structure to existing structure to ensure it works together as one system.
  • Rehabilitate the stained-glass windows and doors.
  • And more.