For more than three decades, Holy Trinity Cathedral has provided a free and nutritious breakfast to members of our community every week. This program, coordinated and staffed by dedicated volunteers, embodies the spirit of service and care that defines our church.

From program coordinators to shoppers, cooks, servers, and clean-up crew, a devoted group of parishioners and community members come together to ensure that this vital initiative runs smoothly. Their commitment to serving a weekly hot meal with love and dedication has made a meaningful difference in the lives of many.

When faced with the challenges of the COVID-19 shutdown in 2020, our recently retired Deacon Carole Neilson and her husband Don showed inspiring leadership, ensuring only a brief pause in the breakfast program. With the support of resilient volunteers, the program resumed as a take-out breakfast on Saturday mornings, continuing to nourish those in need.

What began as plated scrambled eggs, toast, fruit, and juice has transformed into scrambled egg, hash browns, and ham burritos, accompanied by fruit and juice, thoughtfully packed in paper bags decorated by students in New Westminster for special occasions.

Beyond breakfast, the program extends its support by providing essential items like toiletries, socks, toques, gloves, warm coats, and sweaters, generously donated by caring individuals and organizations throughout the year.

Thanks to generous support from Telus and the City of New Westminster, we are occasionally able to provide gift cards from Tim Horton's, A&W, and SaveOn Foods, further extending the assistance we offer to those in need.

This remarkable breakfast program is entirely volunteer-run and sustained by the kind donations of our parishioners, neighbors, friends, and various agencies. The generosity of our community has allowed us to continue this excellent meal program for decades, nourishing bodies and hearts alike. With ongoing support and assistance, we look forward to continuing this vital service for many more years, touching the lives of those who need it most with compassion and grace.