We gather people into life-giving community.  Worship is the most visible and public way we gather people together, but Holy Trinity Cathedral gathers people in other ways as well. 

We provide our neighbours with a gathering place for community groups, for new-comers to Canada to learn English, and for other groups to grow closer together. 

In a metropolitan area where isolation is experienced by many, we create community.


We transform people into agents of God’s love. 

This transformation comes through baptism and eucharist and prayer. 

This transformation comes through children who discover the wonder of God’s world and through our care for those who are in need. 

In a society where many people feel powerless, we transform lives. 


We send people forth to participate in God’s mission of renewal and reconciliation. 

Whether through our outreach or through our own sharing of the good news in our homes, our workplaces, our neighbourhoods and our world, God works with you to accomplish God’s purposes.  In a world where challenges abound, we send out co-workers with God.