Congratulations on your decision to commit your lives to each other with God’s help. May you be blessed as you prepare for holy matrimony.


This leaflet will assist you in planning your wedding. We are pleased that you are considering celebrating your marriage in the Christian faith. The Anglican community of Holy Trinity Cathedral will support you before, during, and after the wedding. Our priest is available for counsel and assistance as part of your marriage preparation program. Our church family will pray for you and offer you help, guidance, and a loving community in which to grow together in love.

Couples wishing to view the worship space are requested to do so on Sunday mornings at the 10 am Eucharist service. Your wedding is a service of worship held in this particular faith community. You are therefore encouraged to participate in the devotion and ministry of Holy Trinity Cathedral from the time of your interview regarding your wedding here.


Ministers of religion are licensed by the Provincial Government to perform marriages for members of their faith community. In a Christian context, membership begins with baptism into the Body of Christ. In Church law, one or both of the partners seeking marriage in an Anglican Church must be baptized as Christians.

Reserving the Wedding Date and Time

All weddings are reserved through the priest. Please be sure to notify the Parish Administrator of any change of telephone number or address so that she may be able to contact you. The church is only confirmed for a particular wedding date once marriage preparation details have been agreed upon.

Marriage Licence

In British Columbia, before two people can be married, a license must be obtained.  Contact the Vital Statistics Office at 1-250-952-2681 or online at  Licenses are valid for three months after they are issued.

Remarriage in the Anglican Church

Divorced persons may be remarried in the Anglican Church. In the case of a previous divorce of one or both partners, the Church requires both legal verification of the divorce and evidence that the couple have thought seriously about the factors which resulted in the breakdown of the former marriage. This counseling process is carried on in discussion with the priest and with emphasis on particular issues of interest such as sharing finances and assets, blended families, and adult children.

Weddings of LGBTQ2S+ Couples

The Anglican Church of Canada is a welcoming and inclusive denomination which celebrates the diversity of God’s gifts in humanity. We are happy to support couples who seek to deepen a life-long commitment and plan a ceremony to reflect your relationship to each other.

Legal Age and Kinship

For those under nineteen years of age, a consent form signed by both parents or guardian is required and must be presented at the time of applying for the license. In cases where one parent has sole guardianship, only that parent needs to sign the form. There are Christian prohibitions about marrying a person who is closely related to you. Please speak to the priest.

Marriage Preparation Program

All couples married in the Church are required to seek appropriate preparation. This will usually entail several meetings with the priest, completion of a structured workshop (additional cost), and a rehearsal of the wedding at least two days prior to the date.


If you would like music at your wedding, our church musician can provide this service on organ and/or piano. The honorarium for the musician is included in the fee structure. Soloists can be arranged.  If you decide to have family or friends help with the music for your service, they are welcome to meet with the musician. Our Church musician should be contacted at least one month before the wedding to make arrangements and discuss appropriate music through the Parish Office.


Decoration of the church is arranged by contacting the Holy Trinity Cathedral Altar Guild at least one month before the wedding. A donation for the Altar Guild is included in the fee structure. Any flower arrangements are to be provided by the wedding party, and may be delivered to the church on the date with prior consultation. These may be removed from the church after the service or remain as a thanksgiving for the following Sunday service (except during the spring season of Lent).


Pictures may be taken before the ceremony and at the entrance of the bridal party, during the signing of the register, and as the bridal party leaves the church. No flash photography during the actual ceremony, please. Arrangements for videotaping or livestreaming the ceremony must be made with the priest prior to the date.  Please advise your wedding photographer of these requirements.

Confetti, etc.

Confetti, rice, birdseed, etc may not be thrown inside the church or on the church grounds. Bubbles are allowed outside the church buildings only. You are asked to pass this information on to your family and friends.

Suggested Wedding Fee Structure

Please contact the Parish Office for the latest information. The hall can be rented separately for receptions. Please ask for a separate rental agreement for details.

Weddings during restrictions in gatherings

During challenging times of health pandemics, faith communities may have restrictions on numbers for in-person gatherings for sacramental acts such as the rite of holy matrimony. We will work with you to ensure your special day is both safe and joyful.