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In response to the Bishop's Pastoral Letter of 15 March 2022, the Parish Council has approved the following protocol for worship.

  1. While the wearing of masks is no longer mandatory, we strongly recommend that masks be worn during public worship.
  2. While mandatory distancing is no longer required, we strongly recommend that an appropriate distance be kept during public worship.
  3. The offertory plate will remain at the back of the church.  We invite you to leave your offering in the plate as you enter for worship.  The offertory plate will be brought to the altar during the offertory hymn.
  4. While singing may be done without the wearing of masks, we ask that you continue to wear your masks.

In keeping with the Bishop's Pastoral Letter, the following protocol will be followed for other parish events and gathering.

  • A proof of vaccination will be required for coffee hour.
  • Our educational events and other meetings will continue to be conducted using Zoom.

Beginning on Easter Sunday, 17 April 2022, we will return to communion in both bread and wine.  All necessary precautions will be taken and communicants may choose to receive or not to receive the consecrated wine.  Intinction, the dipping of the consecrated bread into the consecrated wine, is prohibited in the Diocese of New Westminster.

Beginning on Easter Sunday, 17 April 2022, we can return to sharing the peace as part of our worship.  However, we ask that everyone be conscious of the comfort level of other worshippers.  Anything that causes anxiety to another is contrary to the spirit of the exchange of the peace.  Feel comfortable to greet other worshippers with a slight bow with hands held together as we have done for the last two years.

All community user groups must conform to the Public Health Orders.