Music has always held a profound place in the heart of worship at Holy Trinity Cathedral, enriched by a storied tradition of strong choral performances. Our music ministry, guided by our talented choir director, Kyumin Lee, offers a beautiful blend of traditional and contemporary hymns and anthems, elevating the spiritual experience of our services.

Our historic pipe organ, installed in 1899 following the Cathedral’s reconstruction after a devastating fire, remains a cherished centrepiece of our music program. This organ, likely the oldest in the lower mainland, has undergone renovations and additions over the years. As part of the upcoming property development project, we hope to restore the organ and pipes and move the console back to its original location, preserving its unique legacy.

Our music ministry, built on a rich legacy, continues to inspire and uplift all who enter our sacred space, and serves as a testament to the beauty of harmonizing worship through song. We celebrate the transformative power of music in worship.

Each December the members of Holy Trinity Cathedral and the wider community eagerly anticipate a cherished tradition – an annual night of music featuring the Royal Westminster Regimental Band in association with our choir. This event presents a beautiful array of Christmas favourites, creating a joyful and festive atmosphere for all.