Mission Statement
“As an instrument of faith, PWRDF connects Anglicans in Canada to communities around the world in dynamic partnerships to advance development, respond to emergencies, assist refugees, and act for positive change.”


Primate’s World Relief and Development Fund was created in 1959 by the General Synod of the Anglican Church of Canada, after 167 coal miners died in a 1958 coal mine disaster in Springhill, Nova Scotia, as Anglicans wanted an efficient way to respond quickly to emergencies and disasters. PWRDF is our Anglican international aid agency. It carries out much of the same work that the high profile agencies do, but without the glossy advertising and high administration costs.

PWRDF works with ACTION BY CHURCHES TOGETHER (ACT), and through partnerships with other churches or agencies in the areas involved. ACT is a network of more than 140 churches and affiliated organizations in over 140 countries, and works to create positive and sustainable change in the lives of poor and marginalized people.

PWRDF Responded to 2014 Disasters:
  • Refugees fleeing South Sudan civil war – $400,000 Food Project
  • Support for wounded at Al Ahli Arab Hospital in Gaza
  • Education re Ebola outbreak in Sierra Leone and Liberia
  • Rebuilding houses in Bohol, Philippines after 7.2 magnitude earthquake
  • Rebuilding homes in Philippines after Typhoon Haiyan – $800,000
  • Mudslide in Bujumbra, Burundi due to heavy rains
  • Flooding in Pakistan


Examples of Other PWRDF Projects:
  • PWRDF is participating with CIDA (Canadian International Development Agency) to contribute $2.7 million over 5 years toward a $10.8 million project that will focus on maternal and child health in 59 villages in Burundi, Mozambique, and Tanzania.
  • The Canadian Government and PWRDF are supporting a project in Bangladesh to reduce maternal, newborn and child mortality.
  • In East Africa PWRDF is working with farmers to help improve their knowledge of food production and nutrition.
  • PWRDF/CIDA project in Tanzania supports food security and building wells for clean drinking water.
  • Since 2005, PWRDF has supported the COMMITTEE AGAINST AIDS (CoCoSi) in Cristosal, El Salvador, in their work in prevention and education on reproductive health, HIV, and AIDS.
  • In Cairo, PWRDF has for 20 years financially supported two children’s clinics operated by Refuge Egypt for Sudanese, and now also Syrian refugees. PWRDF is also providing food baskets to the refugees.


The work of PWRDF focuses on food security, health care, humanitarian relief, refugee support, poverty reduction, human rights and peace.

From May 2014 to March 2015, PWRDF was involved in 51 projects in 25 countries.

PWRDF is supported primarily by government grants and donations. Holy Trinity Cathedral supports PWRDF activities through individual donations and the sale of Christmas cards.

For more information about PWRDF contact: http://www.pwrdf.org.