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Common Cup is suspended for now. This is to prevent spread of the virus by people touching the cup. This is a precaution as there is no evidence that the Common Cup is a threat to health.

Bread is to be administered only by clergy. This is our current practice at Holy Trinity.

Limit physical contact. Greet people with a smile and a wave. Exchange the peace with gestures and words. (This will be hard!)

Suspend passing the offering plate. We will put the places in central places and people can bring their offerings up.

Suspend coffee hour. This is to avoid transmitting the virus through food and beverages. This also means our potluck is cancelled tomorrow (March 8th).

Suspend care home services. We want to protect the most vulnerable people.

We will continue to practice basic health precautions (washing hands, coughing into sleeves, sanitizing surfaces, etc.).

The wardens and clergy will meet after the 10:00 am service tomorrow to discuss how we will stay connected with each other in the event that all church gatherings need to be suspended. Notification of this will come from the Archbishop's office.

Click here to read Archbishop Melissa's letter in full. Contact the clergy--Richard, Tasha or Carole--if you have any questions.