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It's been a challenging 2020, for each of us individually and for our parish as a community, as we've had to adjust to isolation, concerns about health and wellness, financial worries, and the feelings of loss we've all experienced to the interruption of "life as usual."

In May, Nathan and Carole set out to bring us all a little closer together again. Here's a word from Nathan on the inspiration for this project and how the experience was for him to create this film.

"My grandmother (Carole) was the one who actually came up with idea for it. She wanted to bring people together while staying apart. This went through a lot of different ideas until we eventually landed on this, and it was lots of fun to make.
I would say my favourite part about making this was getting to see people not where I’m used to seeing them. Normally, I only see fellow parishioners in a church environment, so this was great. Getting to talk and connect with some folks was a very insightful and fun experience.
The thing that surprised me most about this was how (oddly) relaxing it all was. I have to admit, the night before we went and filmed our first 'interview,' I was a bit nervous. This was easily the most serious thing I’ve done so far, but once we started it all felt natural."
It seems we have a natural storyteller among us. We hope you enjoy this HTC Hello.