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Pandemic restrictions are hitting many of us hard. But even though lots of us are struggling with the isolation and uncertainty, HTC members remain committed to their church community. How can we tell? Between pledges, pre-authorized donations and Canada Helps, giving have increased by 10.6% over last year.

This helps HTC remain a vibrant and active center. We pray together three times a week, we continue to study and learn on Tuesday evenings, and Saturday morning offers community and practical help in the form of the Breakfast Club. This doesn't even mention the informal connections and phone calls that keep people connected.

We are not out of the woods--most years an important part of our income comes from user groups who, like us, can't meet in person. But the increase in parishioner commitment through financial support is a tremendous sign of hope. Thank you all. 

PS: It's not too late to pledge for 2021 or switch to direct donations. Contact Susan Stensgaard at